Vegetable Stew

1 hour
Serves 3 - 5
Filling, healthy, and cheap, add whatever leftover veg you have. You can make a great batch of this frugal and hearty stew, freeze individual portions, and reheat when you’re running low on supplies.
Recipe by:  
Alice Joslin

Vegetable stock cube

200g barley-based soup mix

500g baby potatoes

1 swede, cut into cubes

4 chopped carrots

150g frozen peas

1 drained can sweetcorn

400g can of butterbeans 

150g fresh spinach

Let's Cook:

In as large a saucepan as you have, boil the water and add the stock cube and barley mix, leave to simmer for 30 mins.

Add in the potato, carrot, and swede, and more vegetable stock or seasoning if needed. Leave to simmer for a further 20 mins until potatoes and swede are soft enough to put a fork through. Top up with water if needed.

Add the peas, beans, and sweetcorn and turn the heat up so that the stew can boil for a further 3-4 mins. Throw in the spinach, leave until wilted, then serve. 

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