Super Easy Flatbreads

10 mins
Makes 3
These are literally so easy. The bases only need 2 ingredients, and you can throw on whatever toppings you like. We've put some suggestions for flavours in the recipe below.
Recipe by:  
Alex Harvey

Mug of yogurt

Mug of self raising flour

Italian Toppings



Basil (if you have it)

Garlic Bread Toppings


Olive Oil

Cheese and Onion Toppings

Goats Cheese



per portion
Let's Cook:

Grab a mixing bowl and add the yogurt and flour. Using a spoon, mix everything together to form a dough. You might need to get your hands in there to combine it all.

Put a bit of flour on a clean chopping board or kitchen surface, and place your dough onto the board. Divide it up into three portions, and use your hands to start to flatten the dough.

Continue to flatten the dough to form a circular shape (you can roll it flat with a rolling pin or a wine bottle if you need to). Heat a pan to a high heat, before adding the flatbread and cooking on both sides.

If you want to add toppings, we recommend trying cheese and tomato, garlic bread or cheese and onion.

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